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Philip Thomas / Photographer

— Although I am predominantly a Commercial Photographer, I photograph a limited number of weddings a year. I've been a full time professional photographer for the last 10+ years and when I started full time, I focused mainly on Weddings and Portraits. Before that, I worked in the corporate world as a graphic designer. I took up photography in college because a graphic design professor told me I would never make it as a designer because I couldn't draw well enough. I picked up a camera and learned how to take pictures as a way to compensate for my apparent lack of illustrative ability. My interest in photography only grew after college, as I transitioned from the film to the digital format. And when I grew bored of my corporate design job, I quit and started this little company called Novo Studio.

On any given day, I will exercise, either by running or riding my mountain bike on the local trails. I will almost always choose to read a book over watching television. And I prefer to read a book in close proximity to a crackling fire, either outdoors or next to my wood stove. I also enjoy thunderstorms, playing guitar, fishing, hiking, swimming, and driving.


Jared Sorrells / Photographer

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