Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear for engagement photos?
Choose clothes that are comfortable and that make you feel confident. Clients are encouraged to bring no more than 3 outfit changes.
Props, hats, pets and other things = yes.

How soon will my photos be finished?
Since I photograph a limited number of weddings per year, I focus on delivering wedding photos in a faster-than-normal timeframe.
My goal is to have a client’s wedding gallery delivered
2 weeks after their wedding date and their USB drive and coffee table book,
shortly thereafter.

Can I post my photos online?
Absolutely. All I ask is that clients tag/link “Novo Studio” for a photo credit.

How much do you charge for a wedding?
Wedding Photography is priced either by-the-hour as a package. Packages start at $2750 and include engagement photos,
a coffee table book and images on a USB drive. (Sales tax applies to in-state clients)

Is editing included?
Yes, all photography pricing reflects the process of photographing, editing and delivery of images.

What's your most embarrassing moment?
That time in high school that I tripped and fell/rolled all the way down two flights of stairs and straight into a group of cheerleaders. 

Do you keep wedding photos from previous weddings?
Yes. Photographs are stored both online and on multiple hard drives that in turn, are stored in firesafe boxes that
are housed in 2 separate locations.

Do you eat at weddings?
Yes. Either I’ll grab some of your delicious food or I’ll hunker down in a dark corner and eat a small bag of trail mix
or granola bar from my camera bag.

Do you drink at weddings?
Lots of water. And at the reception, maybe a Red Bull. I do not consume alcohol while I am working.

What's your photography style?
For the most part, I have a very documentary, candid style. But I also love to play with light, shadow and artsy fartsy elements to create interesting photographs. I am also a lover of finding quirky places to shoot and at times, this means exploring and trespassing. In short...if you're looking for a traditional photographer, I am probably not a good fit.

What if you can't make it on the day of my wedding? 
I once photographed a wedding while battling walking pneumonia. I once photographed a wedding while hobbling around with 11 stitches in my knee due to a mountain bike accident. I photographed a wedding the same day I was involved in a car accident. And I photographed two weddings after my wife's water broke and she was put on bed rest at an out-of-town hospital. (She was 30 weeks pregnant with twins) Unless I'm actually dead, I'll probably be at your wedding or you will of course, get a full refund.  

More Questions?
Just ask I’ll be happy to answer them.'